Dear Supporters of Human Dignity,

It has been quite a past six weeks and I wanted to share it with you because this month, if you give, your gift will be doubled.

You see, in November, I was interviewed by CNN and they aired a two minute news interview with me on the issue of eggsploitation.

Then, on top of that, CBC’s new film Anonymous Father’s Day was released on November 21. The response has been amazing.

Already a fertility doctor from the Midwest contacted me with his story. He shared with me that while attending medical school, he served as a sperm donor every two weeks for three years. He now realizes he could have in excess of 100 children that he has never met. Because his DNA is registered on a public site, he knows it is now only a matter of time before one or more of his children begin a search for their biological father and they find him. His past actions haunt him.

This is just one example of what we are hearing.

Because of gifts from people like yourself, this film and the open doors have happened.

So I wanted to let you know that it is critical to end the year strong to get the message out to make a difference in thousands of children’s lives who are asking “Who is my Daddy?”

And with great joy, I can share with you that friends of CBC have offered a $50,000 matching grant. For every dollar you give, they will match it with a dollar.

That’s right. If you give $50, they’ll give us another $50. You give $100, they will give us $100. You can see what I mean – just click here to give a gift that is doubled.

Plus, for any gift that you give over $50, we will send you a free copy of Anonymous Father’s Day.

Thank you so much for reading this.


Jennifer Lahl