Only four days left of 2011! This has been an amazing year of growth and stretching for the Center for Bioethics and Culture team. As I review all that has happened over the last 12 months, I am a bit overwhelmed and very grateful.

It seems like momentum is growing and opportunities to engage are accelerating. This is all a bit nerve racking, but wonderful to know we are having an impact.

This year we have moved from the frying pan to the fire. Hardly a week now goes by without some media outlet wanting a comment or an interview. The national exposure on the implications of bioethics is driving much of this. Controversy creates news coverage. Thankfully I feel we are well prepared to speak with a clear voice to the issues. Some of the exposure has been emotionally draining, but I am encouraged that our voice is being heard.

With just the few days in this week left in 2011, I sincerely ask for your generous yearend financial support. I cannot do this any longer without the partnership of equally dedicated friends like you. Your giving is critically needed and very much appreciated!

Any gift you give by December 31 will qualify for the matching challenge. If you give $100, the match will make this $200. If you can give $1,000, the match will make this $2,000. Your gift triggers the matching amount. To access the entire $50,000 matching challenge, friends like you are needed in the next four days. Can I count on you?

You can give easily online right now. Simply visit the CBC website: For any gift of $50 or more, I will gladly send you a copy of the newly released film, Anonymous Father’s Day. This is a must see film that is already attracting some very surprising and encouraging response—especially from men who have been sperm donors.

May 2012 be a wonderful year for you. We are on the verge of something significant, and grateful we have a front row seat! This will likely be the most challenging year ever for CBC, and I am eager to see what is in store in the New Year.

I eagerly await your year end response. Thank you for your financial partnership.

Jennifer Lahl

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