By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC

Absolutely disgusting. I wrote yesterday about a Portland psychiatrist named Stuart Weisberg, Ph.D., LLC (limited liability corporation), who plans to set up an assisted suicide clinic called euphemistically Dignity House. Apparently, Dr. Big Heart plans to do much more than that. He is going into the business of making people dead by assisted suicide–for a fee–and you get the distinct impression that he will never say no for legally qualified suicidal people. “Services” will apparently even include having your suicide photographed, security–for a fee–flowers–and last meals–for a fee. From his Endoflifeconsultants Website:

Schedule of fees 2010-2012

Office visits to Dr. Weisberg: 2 x 90801 $300 each or 1 x 99245 $500 Medicare patients will never pay more than $30 copays per visit. 90807 $200 per hour for additional counseling. Private insurance can be billed for these visits.
I generally bill as Stuart Weisberg, MD, LLC. My tax ID # is 20-0231539. The billing will, by necessity, be through your mental health coverage.

End of Life Camera, LLC: This is a required $600 fee. Fee must be paid by cashier’s check or postal money order at time of receiving prescription for completion of the Death with Dignity Act and reserving your day at the Dignity House…

Dignity House, LLC: This is a required $600 fee. Fee must be paid by cashier’s check or postal money order at time of reservation. Reservations begin on 3 pm day 1 and ends 21 hours later at noon day 2. Electricity, water, waste disposal and other utilities are paid by Dignity House. Laundry machines are on site as is a full kitchen. Noise ordinances apply. Public intoxication is unacceptable and may result in police involvement.
Proprietor: Pending approval

End of Life Security, LLC: This is an optional $400 fee to pay for 8 hours of time with a certified security agent. At first, we’ll schedule the hours as follows: 2 pm to 6 pm on check in day and 9 am to 1 pm on check out day…

End of Life Catering, LLC: This is an optional $400 fee. You will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 at the Dignity House. You get to choose the meals (within reason). Additional meals may be purchased for $25 (breakfast or lunch) or $50 (dinner). At first, we’ll schedule meal times as follows: breakfast about 8 am, lunch at 1130 am followed by check out, and dinner wii be served following check in at 5:30 pm.

End of Life Nursing, LLC: This is an optional $400 fee. This either pays for 8 hours of unskilled nursing assistance or 4 hours of skilled nursing (LPN or RN)

End of Life Media Relations, LLC: This is an optional $400 fee. It pays for 8 hours with a personal assistant who is also a certified beautician.

End of Life Music, LLC: This is an optional $400 fee. It pays for two 100 minute sets during your 21 hour stay. Please, she is a professional pianist for the symphony–no requests and be flexible with the scheduling. I guarantee you it will be magical.
Proprietor: pending approval

End of Life Flower and Linen, LLC: This is an optional $400 fee. I suppose it seems self-evident that you wouldn’t want to use rental linens. The flowers come from my wife’s and my garden at home. Full credit to my wife, Heather, for the gardens.

And get this compassionate professionalism:

End of Life Consultants, LLC (optional fee)
Normally, I will not be present for the completion of the Death with Dignity Act. If, however, you would like my therapy dog and me present at the time of death, you may purchase a 3 hour window of our time for $1,200. This is a cashier’s check or postal money order fee. Preferable hours are either 7-10 am or 6-9 pm. I am willing to cut my fee in half to $600 if you purchase the entire package of services. This would make the price of the packaged services $5,000. We work great as a team. I strongly recommend you choose this option. We will make your final journey pleasant and peaceful. Full of beauty and music–we would prefer no television, but if you must…Oh, this option allows you to pay by credit card to my Stuart Weisberg, MD, LLC account.
Proprietor: Stuart Weisberg, MD, LLC

This is no different than Dignitas suicide clinic in Switzerland that makes a pile off of assisted suicide, who apparently, is now a millionaire. As they said in The Godfather, it’s not personal. It’s just business.

I don’t think this is a hoax, since the opening of Dignity House has been covered by media. But it flows naturally from assisted suicide legalization. Once something is legal, someone is going to figure out how to make a buck.