Author: Jennifer Lahl, CBC Founder

Beware of euphemisms

In a time when the meaning of words can be literally up for grabs, much wisdom is needed to get to truth and meaning. Specifically, in the debate over euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, words like compassion and dignity...

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Directed Organ Donation

Todd Krampitz, a 32 year old Texan died on April 20, 2005. Krampitz was diagnosed with liver cancer and went on a controversial media campaign to find a suitable donor for his much needed liver transplant.At this time it is not...

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Kidney Sales are big in India

Kidneys still for saleThe buying and selling of kidneys, which is unethical and exploitative of the poor, was outlawed in 1994, but still thrives thanks to a built-in loophole in the law. And the easy availability of kidneys for...

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