“…[H]ealth equity under critical social justice is mostly a rhetorical stance that uses legitimate issues in public health and healthcare as means to push its radical sociopolitical agenda. It does this specifically by trying to cast any disparities as the result of institutional racism, mostly to justify changes in policy.”– Dr. James Lindsay

          James Lindsay, our headline speaker at the CBC’s Paul Ramsey dinner, is a tireless advocate for understanding the downtrends in our cultural development. From “wokeism” to Marxism, his brand of nerdy math skills and deep intellectual thought has created a monster for those trying to push gender ideology in society.  Branded the “General of Hate” by left-leaning think tanks for his exposes of academic grooming, James keeps his humor about it all by maintaining a snarky X (formerly known as Twitter) account beloved by many.

          At the Paul Ramsey dinner we will celebrate Gilbert C. Meilaender, Ph.D., who will receive the first ever Paul Ramsey Pinnacle Award in recognition of his leadership of the Paul Ramsey Institute for a decade and his lifelong dedication to education. Dr. Meilaender is a friend, colleague, and fellow with the CBC and his influence on the field bioethics is incalculable. 

          Our 2023 Paul Ramsey Award dinner will be held on Sunday, September 24, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon, CA. Tickets are available on our website until September 9th. 

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  • The first teaser has been released for our new movie The Lost Boys: Searching for Manhood. You can watch the teaser on YouTube.  Please share with friends and family to raise awareness on the plight of boys trapped in the gender cult.  This movie is a continuation of your efforts to show the abuses in bioethics as it pertains to trans ideology.  All of our movies are free on YouTube. 
  • Our new book on gender ideology will be released in early 2024!

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