When I signed the paper, I thought I could do it. I did not realize it would break my heart.
-From Cathy’s story in Broken Bonds

Today is the day! Broken Bonds: Surrogate Mothers Speak Out is now available in the US, and launched last month in Australia and the UK.

This international anthology brings together 16 stories from 9 countries, “the accounts of women – and one man who is the partner of a so-called surrogate mother – whose accounts disrupt the happy surrogacy stories.”

We have two requests: First, please read the book. Second, and just as important, please spread the word about this book to all those in your network. Encourage others to read and then spread the word to their networks. Help us build momentum to #StopSurrogacyNow!

You can buy a signed copy from us today, and thank you in advance!

“It doesn’t matter what are the child’s origins, the woman who carried the child has ties to it. To pretend otherwise is just ignorance.”
-From Michelle’s story in Broken Bonds

About Broken Bonds

Around the world thousands of couples and singles procure babies through surrogacy arrangements. Many people see surrogacy as driven by compassion for those who desire a baby. But where is the compassion for the “surrogate” mothers and their babies?

Who are the faceless, nameless women who grow the babies in their bodies and give birth to them? Women who are left with empty arms and leaking breasts after delivery? The surrogacy industry calls them “special angels” who “make miracles possible,” giving “an extraordinary gift.” IVF clinics call them “gestational carriers.” The intended parents have promised healthcare, full reimbursement of costs, extra income and ongoing contact with the baby. What could possibly go wrong?

Everything. Because surrogacy violates the human rights of the women whose bodies are used, and the rights of children who are traded as commodities. Because it is a fundamentally flawed and misogynist concept to imagine that mothers are interchangeable. And it is wishful thinking that regulation can fix this. All surrogacy needs to be stopped. In this book, courageous women from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Romania, Hungary, Georgia and Russia share their stories of becoming “surrogate” mothers and egg “donors.” Their accounts are tragic, shocking, and reveal a profit-driven industry that preys on desperation, vulnerability and women’s kindness.

Broken Bonds book coverBroken Bonds: Surrogate Mothers Speak Out
Signed by Jennifer Lahl
$19.95 + S&H (International orders through the CBC cannot be shipped to PO boxes.)

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Broken Bonds: Surrogate Mothers Speak Out is available from Spinifex Press in Australia and New Zealand (www.spinifexpress.com.au) and can be purchased from booksellers and online bookshops including Amazon (www.amazon.com) and Booktopia (www.booktopia.com).

The book is distributed in North America by IPG (www.ipgbook.com) and in the UK by Gazelle Book Services (www.gazellebookservices.co.uk).