Our friends at #StopSurrogacyNow have just published another excellent review of Renate Klein’s terrific little book Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation. The reviewer, University of Texas journalism professor Robert Jensen, writes as a man who embraces radical feminism, and he reads Klein’s book looking to understand how we got here. “How did we get to the point where this reduction of women to bodies is accepted and even celebrated—not only among many men but also many women, even among some feminists?”

He finds that one of Klein’s great contributions to the debate is in the way she unpacks the arguments that are given in favor of surrogacy, revealing that surrogacy supporters draw from a variety of areas, not least from the worst parts of capitalism and a worship of technology.

As I say, it’s an excellent review, and I commend it to your reading.

And of course, be sure to read the book as well.