It’s time to stop the suppression of autonomy and allow cruel and unusual death with dignity.

The “ultimate civil liberty” says that we have the absolute right to choose the time, manner, reason, and method of our death. So why is this man being charged with a crime? From the Fox Carolina story:

A Charleston County Detention Center inmate has been charged with one count of assisted suicide. South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agents on Wednesday arrested 30-year-old Michael Robert Bixby of Hobart, Indiana, almost two weeks after his cellmate was found dead in the jail.

Bixby told investigators he helped Matthew Glidden, of North Charleston, commit suicide by strangling him until he was dead. The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office asked SLED to investigate after Glidden was found unresponsive in his bed on March 24. The information provided by SLED did not indicate how agents knew Glidden wanted to commit suicide.

Barbaric of a Red State to charge such a compassionate supporter of autonomy with a crime. Stop forcing your religion on the rest of us! The assister should be given a medal.

The dead man was charged with a sex crime against a minor. Who wouldn’t want to die? Choking can be ”aid in dying” too! Why should “deliverance” be limited to the ill and disabled?

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Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC
Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC