A Brazilian doctor is charged with killing terminally ill patients to free up hospital beds. From the Daily Mail story:

A Brazilian doctor accused of ending the lives of her hospital patients to free up hospital beds could be responsible for more than 300 deaths. Virginia Soares de Souza was arrested last month after a number of terminally ill patients were found to have died prematurely while under her watch in the Hospital Evangelico in Curitiba, south Brazil. De Souza is accused of administering fatal doses of drugs or reducing the amount of oxygen given to patients in the hospital’s intensive care ward.

Hmmm. With the upcoming doctor shortages here, the drive to cut medical costs, and increasing strains on hospitals — only to get worse under Obamacare — one has to wonder . . . if guilty as charged, is de Souza a monster, or will she one day be seen as an ahead-of-her-time visionary?

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Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC