One Step Closer Thanks to
a Little Help from Our Friends

We here at the CBC frequently hear from our supporters that they like how we get things D-O-N-E. We work hard to ensure that we don’t simply plan and propose—we set goals and we deliver. Dr. William Hurlbut, Professor at Stanford University, says that CBC is the “most constructive and effective organization in the arena of bioethics.”

To that end, we are happy to report that we met and exceeded our KickStarter goal of raising $2,300 in 23 days toward production costs for our soon-to-be released documentary film Anonymous Father’s Day. In fact, we raised $2,300 in SIX days! By the end of our 23-day race, we raised more than $4,000 (some gave by check, PayPal, and Network for Good in addition to KickStarter, which is A-OK with us).

Having taped two interviews in the Chicago area last week, filming for the project is now two-thirds complete. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you!

Anonymous Father’s Day continues the CBC’s approach, as in our previous films Lines That Divide and Eggsploitation, of creating culture, not just critiquing culture. This film will contribute to a much-needed public conversation about reproductive technologies and people conceived via anonymous sperm and egg donation. Here’s a little taste of what you helped us do last week.