In recent testimony before the New Jersey Health and Human Services Committee, Dr. Matthew Suh of the New Jersey medical association succinctly described exactly what is at stake when it comes to a proposed bill entitled “Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act.” reports:

“Let’s be clear, this is government-funded suicide,” said Dr. Matthew Suh, representing the state medical association, who said the bill was “fundamentally incompatible” with the physician’s role as a healer.

The bill was this week passed out of committee an on to the full State Senate for consideration. We agree completely with Dr. Suh about “Aid in Dying,” which is in reality assisted suicide. Note: when you’re having to change the name of the actions you’re doing in order to disguise what it is you’re doing, you are well off track ethically!.

The New Jersey Senate should reject this measure, full stop. For more on the issue of assisted suicide, see our resource page and our one page PDF, “Three Things You Should Know about Physician Assisted Suicide.”

Spoiler alert: Physicians Should Never Be In the Business of Harming Their Patients, Physician Assisted Suicide Places Society’s Weakest and Vulnerable at Elevated Risks, Physician Assisted Suicide is Bad Public Policy. The PDF contains explanations of each point as well as links to sources and further resources on the topic. Be sure to read the whole thing!