A new story out of the United Kingdom offers yet another example of how the practice of surrogacy harms children and fails to protect their interests.

A single British man contracted with an American surrogate in Minnesota, using a donor egg and his own sperm to have a child. The arrangement cost him over £30,000. Despite the fact that the man is the child’s genetic father, the courts have refused to recognize him as such due to the fact that surrogacy contracts are not permitted for single individuals in the United Kingdom.

Once more we can see oh so clearly how surrogacy fails to protect the children created from these arrangements. This man intentionally broke the law—looking outside of the UK to try and bypass surrogacy regulations—and now his child is the one to suffer from his selfish actions. This is precisely the reason why the CBC supports a full ban on surrogacy. Regulation in one country won’t prevent individuals like this man from looking elsewhere.

While this man is busy looking for a legal solution for this particular case, we know the only effective one is to Stop Surrogacy Now.

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Christopher White, Ramsey Institute Project Director