1. World’s Largest Sperm Bank Sets Up Camp Next to U.S.’s Second Largest University

Cryos, the world’s largest sperm bank, has decided to open up operations next to the University of Central Florida in Orlando, the second largest university in the United States—specifically targeting college men on campus. According to a Cryos VP, “Orlando is becoming one of the large medical communities in the United States, so we definitely want to participate in research and development here.” We say, this is a gross abuse of the practice and a shameful targeting of young men who aren’t aware of the long term harms of sperm donation, particularly on their future children who grow up without them.

2. Surrogacy on the Rise in Britain

The Telegraph reported earlier this week that Britons are increasingly using commercial surrogacy as a means to conceive. New data reveals that in the past three years “over 1,000 hopeful couples have travelled to a total of 57 [other] countries” due to commercial surrogacy being illegal in Britain. Unfortunately, the trend of desperate couples willing to pay and do anything for the child of their dreams has no limits—despite the medical, legal, and ethical considerations that go ignored along the way. We say #StopSurrogacyNow

3. New Documentary Exposes Harms of International Surrogacy

Don’t just take our word for it that the practice of surrogacy is fraught with shameful practices and the exploitation of women and children. We commend to you a new report “Outsourcing Embryos,” the second item from the most recent episode of VICE on HBO, which exposes India’s baby buying and baby selling enterprise.

4. Physician Assisted Suicide a No-Go in Maryland

A measure that would have allowed for physician assisted suicide in Maryland was defeated yesterday as leaders of the two committees considering the bill decided not to put it forward for a vote. While similar bills are gaining momentum around the country, we applaud the courage of these legislators in recognizing the indignity of these supposed “death with dignity” bills.

5. CBC on the Road: Palo Alto and Washington, DC

On April 8, CBC Director of Research and Education Christopher White will speak at a screening and discussion on our documentary film Eggsploitation at The Catholic University of America, and on April 11, CBC President Jennifer Lahl will speak at Stanford University. Want to bring the CBC to your campus, organization, or church group? Let us know here!

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