If my calculations are correct, there are 10 Thursdays left in 2014, so this seems like an opportune time to use #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) to begin counting down The Top Ten All Time Posts on CBC-Network.org.

Each Thursday through the end of the year, then, we’ll be posting one of the most popular items from our web archive.

The 10th most viewed/read post is “Babies without Sex” by Jennifer Lahl from March 2012. In it, Jennifer discusses her appearance on the Dr. Oz show, the excellent film GATTACA, and the classic novel Brave New World. No wonder it ranks in the top ten.

If you haven’t read this article before, here’s your chance. And if you have read it, here’s an opportunity to read it again.


10. “Babies without Sex” by Jennifer Lahl, March 2012
9. 10/30/2014
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4. 12/04/2014
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1. 12/25/2014