A scientist from Harvard, Dr. Doug Melton, has figured out how to use human embryonic stem cells to produce insulin—a potential major breakthrough for those that suffer from diabetes. You can listen to a full NPR broadcast on the discovery here.

Dr. Daniel Sulmasy, last year’s winner of CBC’s Ramsey Award, was interviewed by NPR and warned against such methods:

If, like me, someone considers the human embryo to be imbued with the same sorts of dignity that the rest of us have, then in fact this is morally problematic . . . It’s the destruction of an individual unique human life for the sole purpose of helping other persons.

According the broadcast, Dr. Melton thinks it might also be possible to use pluripotent stem cells in the same manner, which would avoid the use of embryonic stem cells. Here at the CBC, we encourage Dr. Melton to vigorously pursue this option.

Meanwhile, we applaud Dr. Sulmasy for his continued promotion of scientific research that protects human life at all stages. Bravo!

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Christopher White, Ramsey Institute Project Director