I have discussed the assisted suicide legislation pending in Scotland that would authorize trained ”facilitators” to help people kill themselves.

Well, we have volunteers! From the STV story:

At least 25 people have volunteered to help people end their lives if assisted suicide is legalised in Scotland…

Facilitators, who must not have any existing relationship to the patient, would be given the task of collecting the patient’s final prescription and assisting with the process of ending their lives.

One of the volunteers, Maureen Hutchison, told STV News she had decided to take on the role after working with relatives of terminally ill patients as a humanist celebrant.

Of course.

Ring: “Hello?”

“This is Bonnie from Suicide Facilitators Central: I have a death for you scheduled promptly at 3:00. Here’s the address.”

Good grief.

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Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC