In keeping with my policy of following up on stories I have covered here: As I predicted, Germany has passed a law protecting the religious liberty of Jews and Muslims who circumcise their sons. From the Reuters story:

German politicians passed a law on Wednesday to protect the right to circumcise infant boys in a show of support for Muslims and Jews angered by a local court ban on the practice in May. The ban — imposed on the grounds that circumcision amounted to “bodily harm” — triggered an emotional debate over the treatment of Jews and other religious minorities, a sensitive subject in a country still haunted by its Nazi past. The outcry prompted Germany’s centre-right government and opposition parties to draw up legislation confirming the practice was legal — overruling the decision by a court in the western city of Cologne.

If Muslims weren’t involved, I wonder whether this law would have passed. But I’ll be nice. A victory for religious liberty is a victory for religious liberty.

No! It isn’t the same as female genital mutilation.

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