Tag: Theology and Human Nature

The Faces of Wilma

About a month ago I wrote a piece on the alleged mercy killing of patients in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. As the weeks unfold, it appears there may be some merit to these allegations, and Louisiana’s attorney...

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Becoming Good by David Gill

David W. Gill Ph.D., Becoming Good. Becoming good is not simply a matter of a few dos and dont’s. In fact we can’t begin to do the right things until we have built an adequate foundation. This is precisely what David...

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Learning From Ramsey

I’m honored to receive this award ヨ and especially gratified to receive an award named in Paul Ramsey’s memory. As I thought about what I should say here this evening, it seemed to me that I might, in fact, begin by...

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Violating Human Dignity

Atlanta Falcons football star Michael Vick pleaded guilty to participating in a dog fighting /gambling ring, almost certainly ending his NFL career. Vick’s indictment was the scandal of the summer – and for good...

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The Issue of Our Time

I strongly believe that the morality and ethics of the Twenty-First Century will depend on how individuals and societies answer this question: Does life have ultimate value simply and merely because it is human? If the answer is...

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Cultural Velocity

An influential and astute philosopher once mused, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Of course I quote not Aristotle, nor Kant, nor Wittgenstein, but...

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