Today, over at First Things, Matthew Franck blogs about recent advertisements for egg donors that have been posted on the New Jersey Transit. As Franck notes, NJ Transit is full of young college-aged girls taking the train to and from Princeton, Rutgers, and other institutions. These young women are easily tempted by lucrative offers to sell their eggs to pay off their student loans, credit card debts, or just to take a grand summer vacation. Of course, they’re also compelled by the promise of helping another couple fulfill their dreams of having a child.

Advertisements on trains seem to be a new front in the ever expansive field of assisted reproductive technologies. Already marketing efforts fill the pages of Facebook and college newspapers across the country. This is precisely why CBC has targeted university groups as one of our primary audiences for screenings of Eggsploitation and Anonymous Father’s Day.

Next month will mark the beginning of a new academic year and thousands of new college freshman will once more be exposed to this type of messaging. Concerned about their exploitation (not to mention their health)? Please contact me ( if you’re interesting in hosting or organizing a screening and talk-back of these films over the next academic year and we’ll get your group on our busy calendar. But don’t wait — we have to be just as aggressive as our opponents in countering their message.

Image Credit: Adam E. Moreira via Wikimedia Commons

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Christopher White, Ramsey Institute Project Director