Tag: Reproductive Technologies

Protect Your Fertility

By Jennifer Lahl, CBC President I recently wrote about women who wait later into life to conceive and find they struggle with what they call “infertility.” In fact, there is no infertility as a result of aging;...

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Surrogacy Should Not Be Commercial

By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC I don’t believe in surrogacy. But if it is to be allowed, commercial should be made against public policy just as we now do non vital, living organ donation. Alas,...

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Money Changes Everything

By Jennifer Lahl, CBC President When the news broke that Mitt and Ann Romney welcomed grandchildren numbers 17 and 18 this past Friday via “gestational surrogacy,” those of us here at CBC central—who oppose...

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Jennifer Lahl on the Dr. Oz Show

As you probably know by now, CBC President Jennifer Lahl was on the Dr. Oz show that aired on January 27. The show has posted the segments of the show individually. Here are links to all of the segments. When are you too old to...

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