The Board of Directors is thrilled to announce Shaista Justin as the new President of the CBC. Shaista brings a unique combination of academic research skills, media savvy, and leadership experience to the objectives of the CBC. For the past 14 years, she has worked in Film/TV as a Development Producer and President of “Wide Out Loud Productions”, culminating in directing and producing her documentary “Altered Humans: How Biotech is Changing Who We Are”, a searing look the medical harms of new technologies and the shift in ethics that accompany them.

Shaista’s plans are not only to carry on the work that the CBC has done so well, but to expand into areas that the CBC has always hoped to:

“Jennifer has done ground-breaking work to bring key concerns of bioethics to the public. I intend to use those deep roots she’s planted to grow the CBC upwards and outwards. To me, the role of CBC President isn’t just a job, but a calling. I believe this is what I was called to do.”

Her initial focus will be on the terrifying spread of Transhumanism which has not only permeated every area of human life but threatens to obliterate it. Further, she will engage in aggressive media expansion to reach wider, broader, and younger audiences through both continuing to create new content and repurposing existing content. Filmmaking will be at the forefront of these endeavors including competitions, festivals, and partnerships with other studios and outside content creators. With a long successful career as a creative and leader, the Board of Directors feels that Shaista is uniquely qualified to accomplish these exciting goals.

After an exhaustive search for a successor, Jennifer is pleased that the continuing success of the CBC will be assured in the hands of the new president:

“When I first met Shaista, nearly a year ago, I was impressed with her knowledge on the issues CBC is fiercely committed to. Her background in Film and Television makes her uniquely qualified for this work as much of how the CBC communicates is through media.”

After serving as the Founder and President of the CBC for 23 years, Jennifer Lahl, our much beloved and dynamic leader, will step into a new role as of October 4th. She will serve the mission of the CBC as a member of the Board of Directors and focus her time on writing, research, and speaking.

Please join the Board of Directors in welcoming Shaista and in thanking Jennifer for her vision and her years of service in growing the organization from a tiny seed to an organization whose work has reached around the world.