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Walt Heyer is a husband, father and corporate executive who underwent “sex change” surgery as an adult at the age of 42 and lived his life pretending to be a woman for eight years.

Restored now for over 30 years, Walt uses his unique experience to help others who regret their so-called “gender change” and to advocate for and protect children from irreversible medical interventions. Walt has shared his story and written for The Daily Wire, USAToday, the Washington Time, as well as others. Walt’s latest book, Trans Life Survivors, offers up-to-date research and 30 representative stories from the thousands of people who have contacted him for help through his website, SexChangeRegret.comWalt’s story is told in his autobiography titled, A Transgender’s Faith, and has been the subject of numerous documentaries. Walt and his wife of 25 years work together to share his story of redemption and message of hope throughout the world. You can read and watch more about walt on his website https://waltheyer.com