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Today I am thrilled to sit down for a virtual conversation with writer, feminist and freelance journalist Milli Hill. Milli is the author of bestselling Positive Birth Book (2017), Give Birth like a Feminist (2019), and a book for pre-teen girls, titled My Period (2021).

From 2012 to 2021, she founded and ran the Positive Birth Movement, a global network of antenatal discussion groups aimed at improving birth and giving women better access to support and information. As a journalist since 2013, Milli has written for many publications including Telegraph, The Guardian, Independent, and Mother & Baby, to name a few, and she has appeared on BBC Radio talk radio, LBC, and many other leading podcasts.

In recent times, Milli has become interested in ‘cancel culture’ and had her own experiences of this phenomenon. As you’ll hear on today’s show, Milli has a passion for reframing the narrative around women’s bodies and as a writer about female biology, she is curious about the current misinformation about sex and gender and the implications of shifts in word definitions for women’s rights.

Follow along with Milli as she writes her fourth book on Substack here. You can find more of her work at https://www.millihill.co.uk

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Instagram @milli.hill