Dear friends of the CBC,

The word in Latin means “I give,” which looks remarkably like the English word ‘do.’ Giving is an act of generosity – people must do something. We see that at a heightened level now around Thanksgiving here in the United States. Generosity has many forms. It is often expressed as the giving of our time, talents, and treasure.  Each of us has something to give, but it may look different to each person. Spending time with our families, bringing our talent of baking to the Thanksgiving table, or helping a family member get home for the holidays, are all expressions of generosity.

On this Giving Tuesday we are asking you to share your time, talent, and treasure with the CBC to further our mission.

For those with time, we ask that you watch our Venus Rising podcast and share our interviews with those around you. We also ask you to watch our movies that are free on YouTube, or our latest movie, The Detransition Diaries – Saving our Sisters, on Vimeo.

For those of you with talents to share, we hope to connect with you and work hand in hand towards our shared human future. For our part, the CBC yearly invests in our Paul Ramsey Scholars, utilizing their many talents to seed the culture in academia with a moral direction in bioethics.

And lastly, for those with treasure, we ask that you come alongside the CBC and support our various efforts to make meaningful change in our culture. Whether that means giving $10 a month to help run our office, investing in our movies, helping to fund the Paul Ramsey Institute, or making sure the CBC remains a loud and constant voice in our culture, any and everything helps keep the CBC’s mission alive.  

Our ending 2022 fundraising campaign is to move our latest movie, that is behind a paywall on Vimeo, to YouTube to be viewed for free. We are attempting to cover our production costs and are looking for 20 generous donors who can give $5,000 each to pull the paywall down immediately. This is an ambitious campaign, but we know that offering this movie for free will reach hundreds of thousands more people!

If you would like to help us move our film off Vimeo, we appreciate any amount you can give, so please feel free to give what you can.

As you plan your end of the year giving, please keep the CBC in mind. Your gift is an investment in steering our culture down a better path that protects children, families, women, men, and our human species. 

We are so thankful for what we have here at the CBC and our partnership with each of you over the years. We are grateful for your support and will continue to share our gratitude through the gifting of our own time, talents, and treasure here at the CBC.