Welcome back to another wonderful season of Venus Rising. Can you believe we are in season 4? This season starts off with a bang as we interview Genevieve Gluck, feminist essayist and co-founder of the pro-woman news and opinion site Reduxx. Prior to starting Reduxx, she contributed work to Feminist Current and was published in the anthology Spinning and Weaving: Radical Feminist for the 21st Century.
Genevieve hosts her own podcast called Women’s Voices, which features interviews with women’s rights activists, readings from feminist texts, and conversations about current events. Today we talk about her amazing new opinion site as well as the work she’s done to reveal the disturbing roots of transgender ideology. Please be aware that this content might be triggering for some listeners. 
You can read more and sign up for her newsletter at reduxx.info. If you like to support  pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding journalism you can purchase merchandise that does just that at https://reduxxmerch.info