Dear friends,

Fundraising can be challenging work, but every so often a philanthropic donor gives us the opportunity to double the donations we receive, putting the ‘fun’ in ‘fundraising’! We have been given the special opportunity to match a generous $30,000 donation.  

Opportunities like this allow small and modest nonprofits like the CBC to double a gift and really capitalize on projects and opportunities. In a struggling economy, this is your opportunity to turn $10 into $20 or $100 into $200; no gift is too small. At this time, our two biggest financial needs at the CBC are the completion of our newest film and preparing to accept our next cohort of Paul Ramsey Institute fellows. If you help us turn $30,000 into $60,000, we can finish the film and secure spots for the next group of Paul Ramsey Fellows. 

CBC is both active in the public square (educating and making arguments for ethical medicine, biotechnology, and science), as well as investing in future leaders and thinkers, preparing them to enter their professional careers with the ability to think deeply and critically about ethics. Our goal is to have our new film, focused on the story of detransitioners (those that bought the lie that they were ‘born in the wrong body’) available to the public by the end of 2022. In the spring of 2023, we will open applications for the prestigious Paul Ramsey Institute. 

Your gift isn’t just about donating, it’s about making a difference. Help make a difference at the CBC. This is the last letter we will be sending you until summer concludes so help us make a splash as we dive into this summer’s important work. We have until May 31st to turn $30,000 into $60,000, can we count on you as we work these next few weeks to match this gift?


With gratitude,

Jennifer Lahl, CBC President
Kallie Fell, CBC Executive Director