Leo Tolstoy once wrote that “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” That’s certainly the case here at the CBC! 

We just wrapped up a busy season of hosting successful, sold-out events. First, we held a panel of subject matter experts questioning the science of the gender industry. A few short weeks later, Jennifer flew to New York City during the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women to host a panel of dynamite women speaking out in defense of women’s sex-based protections. We filmed both events, and the videos are available to view on our YouTube channel, along with a lot of our other content, which we hope you’ll watch and share with your friends. Our channel is monetized, so every time someone watches or shares our videos, it benefits the CBC in some small way.

This month we hosted our 17th annual Paul Ramsey Award Dinner, honoring Professor C. Ben Mitchell, Ph.D. for his contributions to the field of bioethics. Nik Nikas, J.D., General Counsel of the Bioethics Defense Fund, presented remarks about the moral implications of the brave new world of biotechnology, and R.Rusty Reno, Ph.D., Editor of First Things delivered a thought-provoking speech entitled “Medicine as Healing, Not Manufacturing.” Each year, the dinner provides us with a much needed opportunity to pause and celebrate the accomplishments and milestones we’ve conquered while inspiring others to join us in our efforts.

The work immediately ahead of us is a new documentary film, which will tell the journey of several young women detransitioners. It was clear after the release of Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender? that the stories of detransitioners are very powerful and that they need a platform from which they can be shared. We’ve decided to crowdsource the funding for this effort and invite you to consider whether or not you might be interested in contributing to this important work. Our filmmaking track record proves we can quickly produce high production value films and on low budgets!  Gifts at the following dollar amounts come with special perks:

  • $5000- Associated Producer credit in the film
  • $2500- sneak peak at rough cuts along the way
  • $1000- access to a private screening pre-launch with the filmmakers
  • $100- first look at the film before general audience release.

Stay tuned for further updates about this exciting new venture. We are confident this film, like all our films, will help to amplify important voices too often ignored in the broader conversation. 

As we enter into this spring season, we are full of gratitude for past successes and hope for all the progress that lies ahead of us as we stand boldly alongside you for our shared human future.

Jennifer Lahl, CBC President
Kallie Fell, CBC Executive Director

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