Despite social media platforms restricting some of the advertising for the powerful film “Trans Mission,” the documentary has been widely viewed online, and garnered support from medical experts, authors, and child counselors.

In spite of social media restrictions on advertising for the recently-produced film, “Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender?” the documentary and its clips have found an audience.

Jennifer Lahl, president of the Center for Bioethics and Culture and producer of the film, says, “Despite YouTube and Snapchat restricting some or all of our advertising, we have over 1 million impressions of the documentary and its clips, as well as nearly half a million views one month after the launch.

Authors, doctors, academicians, and child counselors have rallied behind the documentary, a timely narrative that explores the issues around allowing children to medically and surgically transition, calling it an important film that lays bare the real-world consequences for kids who undergo medical transitioning. 

Helen Joyce, author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, says, “As this important film reveals, current treatment protocols for gender-dysphoric children have little or nothing to do with science and evidence, and are instead shaped by ideology.”

Joyce stressed that “Trans Mission” brings out the voices that are usually drowned in the public debate.

She adds, “Trans Mission” adds the voices of dissident scientists – and, most importantly, that of regretters: people who medically transitioned and then reversed course. Anyone who cares about child safeguarding or evidence-based medicine needs to watch it.”

Dr. Will Malone, a physician, echoes that point, stressing that there is no convincing evidence that hormonal and/or surgical interventions improve the long-term mental and/or physical health of youth with gender dysphoria.

“This important new film by Jennifer Lahl highlights that fact and the consequences of ignoring this reality,” said Malone, an endocrinologist and clinical advisor to the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM). 

Meanwhile, Dr. James Cantor, Director of the Toronto Sexuality Centre, said science has long shown that medical transition is right for some—but only some—people with gender dysphoria. 

Cantor said “Trans Mission” provides critical insight as it documents the terrible costs of transitioning the wrong people. 

“Trans Mission separates transsexuality, the medical phenomenon, from transsexuality, the media phenomenon—one capable of misleading vulnerable youth, desperate for reasons they don’t fit in,” Cantor explained.

By exploring the real-world consequences on individual people and their families, Cantor said the film helps ensure medical transition gets to those who will benefit––but only those who will benefit.

Licensed professional counselor Sasha Ayad lamented that the greatest tragedy for dysphoric, non-conforming and transgender people today is the widespread misinformation regarding medical and psychological complications related to transition. 

Trans Mission, Ayad says, is among the first films to accurately document the real-life consequences of adopting a simplistic and ideological view of gender. 

“This is an important and ground-breaking piece that seeks to tell the truth about one of today’s most contentious and difficult subjects,” Ayad adds.

Scott Newgent, founder of Trans Rational Educational Voices and author of “Educating on the reality of transgenderism,” said, as a transman, the documentary is painful to watch “not because it is wrong but because the information presented is right.”

Newgent urged people to stop waving at the gender bus as it goes by but rather deal with the reality. 

“Reality is not transphobic, but denying reality is dangerous. Take a seat, watch this film, educate yourself,” said Newgent.

From an academic standpoint, Prof. Michael Bailey said: “Trans Mission” beautifully presents the voices of scientists that have been missing from the dominant narrative. 

Bailey, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University, adds, “The film also shows how the prevailing narrative’s dominance has not been earned by a dispassionate appraisal of science.”

Viewers can watch the documentary on Vimeo or YouTube and join the discussion.

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