We need your help to stop the legalization of commercial surrogacy in New York State.

Current New York law prohibits commercial surrogacy but allows altruistic surrogacy.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is working overtime to change this, having recently launched the “Love Makes a Family” campaign which includes a proposal for dangerous commercial surrogacy legislation. As you can imagine, it is important to keep #BigFertility out of  New York State.

A new website has been launched at https://www.legalizesurrogacywhynot.com/. It’s primarily focused on New York, but it contains many resources that are valuable to all of us around the world.

Please help us create awareness and a groundswell of opposition to these regressive efforts. Help us by sharing this link and starting important conversations in your spheres of influence about the harms of surrogacy. Encourage many more to sign and share our petition at www.StopSurrogacyNow.com