Because of our films and how outspoken we’ve been about surrogacy—particularly through the #StopSurrogacyNow coalition—we are regularly contacted by women who find themselves in the midst of surrogacies that are in the process of going wrong or who are living with the aftermath of a situation that went wrong.

Some of these women want to share their stories so that those considering being a surrogate mother (or using a woman as a surrogate mother) can have a fuller picture of the realities of surrogacy.

This was exactly the case with Britni, who first reached out to us last fall. Jennifer recently took to Skype to interview Britni about her experience, why she reached out to us, and what she want others to know about the practice of surrogacy.

They spoke for about 25 minutes, and we believe this is an important account of how, even when everyone goes in with only the best of intentions, things can still go painfully wrong.

Please have a watch and then let us know what you think of the interview and of this interview format.