Contact: Bill O’Reilly

San Francisco–March 15…As the American media continues to obsess over New York businessman Donald Trump, to the exclusion of all else, Europe today moved to protect women from the fastest-growing form of exploitation in the 21st Century, the ravenous commercial surrogacy industry, the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network today announced.

Europe’s leading human rights organization, the Council of Europe, today urged the rejection of all forms of surrogacy in Europe, labeling the practice exploitative of women and children. This follows a similar statement from the European Parliament.

Today’s move is part of a broad social justice movement across the European continent, Asia, and Africa to halt an expanding baby manufacturing industry that leaves largely poor women physically, emotionally, and psychologically harmed, and that produces children who are frequently wholly engineered from egg donation to birth. The commercial surrogacy industry in America has exploded as other nations have banned the practice and as same sex American couples increasingly seek to build families through what has become, in effect, a marketplace for children.

“People of conscience all across the world are responding to the bioengineering boom that is damaging women and producing children who will never know their origins — except here in the U.S. where all we can seem to talk about is Donald Trump,” said CBC President Jennifer Lahl, a former pediatric critical care nurse. “Low-income American women — especially the wives of U.S. servicemen — are being targeted by surrogacy agents representing individuals and couples from all over the world. The Council of Europe should be widely commended for its action today, and we remain hopeful that our leaders here in America will soon get their heads out of the sand on this issue.”

Time Magazine has labeled pregnancy as one of the TOP 10 “chores” to outsource in America.


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