We’re getting close to the top of the list on our #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) count down of the top ten all time most popular posts here at CBC-Network.org.

This week’s entry, #3, delves into the issue of so-called “Savior Siblings,” where embryos are created, screened, and selected to provide cells or organs to treat an already existing sister or brother.

Wesley Smith points to multiple ways this could eventually go and asks us to do some hard thinking about whether this really the way in which humanity should proceed.

From “Savior Siblings” Start Us Down Harrowing Ethical Path

Savior siblings are created specifically as objects, at least to some degree, because they were brought into being for a purely utilitarian purpose. That being so, why should the practice stop with creating savior siblings who are also wanted children?

. . .

We enter harrowing ethical paths via hard cases. Vital principles are tossed aside in the emotions of the moment. With this practice gaining speed, regulations need to be fashioned that look at the big picture before we confront difficult situations.

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