We’re using #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) to count down the top 10 all time most popular posts here at CBC-Network.org.

This week’s entry, #9, is the most recently posted of the top 10. Only two months ago, Christopher White, CBC Director of Research and Education, wrote a review of the film The Giver, which quickly took off.

It’s little wonder why. The Giver was a highly anticipated film adaptation of a very popular piece of literature. Christopher’s review situated the film in our current bioethical context, namely “the desire for perfection when creating children through surrogacy or other forms of third party reproduction,” which is reflected in current controversies such as the Baby Gammy case.

In the end, the case Christopher makes is that while The Giver was intended to show what the future might hold, it actually highlights sad features of what has indeed come to be.

10. “Babies without Sex” by Jennifer Lahl, March 2012
9. The Giver and Our Not So Dystopian Society” by Christopher White, August 2014
8. 11/06/2014
7. 11/13/2014
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5. 11/27/2014
4. 12/04/2014
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2. 12/18/2014
1. 12/25/2014