Here at the CBC, we’ve made an effort to underscore the fact that IVF is rarely the miracle that its proponents make it out to be.

Failure rates, as we’ve highlighted before, are ridiculously high—especially for the absurd costs that most couples shell out in order to achieve pregnancy through this method.

New figures just out from the United Kingdom evidence that there are other good reasons to be concerned. As this article notes, “For every 100 women who undergo IVF, one will suffer an “adverse incident.”

The mistakes range from breaches of confidentiality to mishandling of the eggs, but one of the most egregious incidents reported was a family receiving the sperm of another man.

Experts are increasingly warning that the risks of IVF may outweigh its benefits. We’ve been saying this all along. Let’s hope infertile couples at risk of falling prey to the fertility industry’s false advertising begin to listen.

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Christopher White, Ramsey Institute Project Director