The hyper-drive to control human population leads to tyranny and abuse. The most infamous example is China’s “one child” policy, which has seen forced abortion, female infanticide, and eugenics. Now, some among the radical environmentalist crowd, want it spread around the world.

If they like the one child policy, they will delight at the concerted drive to sterilize Indian women — which apparently includes paying the destitute to be made sterile. So, we now see the ugliness of mass sterilization days that seem akin to what we sometimes see in the USA involving dogs and feral cats. But the dogs and cats here are apparently treated much better and humanely than some of the women there. For example, how about a mass sterilization and subsequent dumping of the women into a dirt field? From the Hindustan Times story:

Scores of women were dumped unconscious in a field after a mass sterilization because there was no room in hospital for them to recuperate, medical officials said on Thursday. The women had all undergone surgical procedures at a hospital in the Malda district of West Bengal, around 360 kilometres north of Kolkata, which officials admitted was not equipped to accommodate such a large number of patients. The scandal came to light after news channel NDTV aired amateur footage of unconscious women being carried out of the hospital Tuesday by men and then placed on open land. Local health officials acknowledged that the patients’ treatment was unacceptable and promised an inquiry. “Over 100 women, mostly poor, came to the camp for the surgery. Immediately after the procedure, the doctors asked the helpers to move each of them to the adjacent field,” Biswa Ranjan Satpathi, West Bengal’s director of health services, told AFP in Kolkata. “This is inhuman and we have ordered a probe into the incident,” he added. Medical experts also voiced shock over conditions at the hospital, where four doctors carried out a total of 106 sterilizations in one day.

This is the kind of thing that can happen when humankind is declared the enemy of the planet. Centralized control puts pressure on local officials, and voila. Radical Malthusian ideology leads to denigration, objectification, and abuse.

And why are the women being mass sterilized? Much easier and less risky for men: snip, snip. But women, particularly poor women, usually pay the price in matters such as this.

India needs to get its act together. Biological colonialism is rife, with destitute women and girls used (and occasionally dying) as brood surrogates and sources of eggs, and the subjects of unethical medical experimentation. Human exceptionalism is violated any time a human being is used as an object rather than respected as a subject.

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Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC
Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC