The online magazine Slate carries an article on a new business venture in Texas that “is making and selling human embryos from handpicked donors.” From, “The Embryo Factory: The Business Logic of Made-to-Order Babies:”

Ryan represents the next wave of industrial rationality. She’s bringing the innovations of Costco and Burger King to the business of human flesh.

. . .

She charges $2,500 per embryo . . . Ryan figures each batch costs about $22,000 to make. The yield from the first round was 26 embryos . . . At $2,500 per unit, a batch of 26 viable embryos would gross $65,000 and net $43,000.

. . .

All the donors are white, since the clients are white. Ryan is no bigot, but business is business. “There is simply a demand for white babies,” she shrugs. In fact, three-quarters of the DNA in her first two batches comes from blue-eyed blonds. This isn’t eugenics; it’s narcissism.

Please, please take the time to read the whole article. We’d love to warn you that this is where we’re headed, but folks, we’re there already.