By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC

Reader Don Nelson emails me a quote from the May 4 Kiplinger Newsletter. (No link):

A severe doctor shortage is looming: Over the next decade, a 45,000 deficit of primary care physicians and a similar lack of surgeons and specialists. Some specialties will decline, despite growing demand from an aging population. Other medical professionals will fill in . . . physician assistants, nurses, etc. Many will see their usual roles and responsibilities expanded to pick up the slack. With Congress unlikely to foot the bill for most residency slots, that’ll have to do.

The wrong answer from the Medical Intelligentsia and the technocratic class is coming: We don’t have too few doctors, but too many patients. Solution? Duty-to-die death panels, futile care, euthanasia/assisted suicide, eugenic abortion, perhaps even infanticide. Vermont leader/media has already pushed the rationing/assisted suicide meme to pay for single payer healthcare.