Next month, (July 15th to be exact) we have the amazing opportunity to be in Chicago, speaking at a conference, where two people we need to interview for our new documentary film, Anonymous Father’s Day, will be. It makes total sense to hire a film crew to shoot these two interviews in Chicago—talk about budget saving timing! We need at least $2,300 to hire the crew and rent the venue (2 people, cameras, sound, lighting) to capture these important interviews, which add a necessary element to our story.

We are an award winning team; writing and directing and producing this new high-impact global film and could sure use some Kickstarter funds to get us closer to the editing room. We are wanting to roll the film out in the Fall of 2011. We’ve given you, and all our friends and supporters, until July 11 to help us raise those funds. We’ve done it before and we can do it again, with a little love from our friends.

THIS JUST IN: We’ve reached our minimum funding goal of $2,300! Thank you to everyone who helped us reach this important milestone. For those who haven’t given yet, you can help us with additional expenses we will incur in making the film. In September, Jennifer Lahl will be speaking at the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) meeting in Toronto and wants to take advantage of being in Toronto to interview some of the people at the forefront of the Pratten v. British Columbia Supreme Court Case (for more see Happy Anonymous Father’s Day). Once all of the interviews are complete, we will begin the editing process—one of the largest single expenses of the film. We will also need to pay for voice-over, graphics, and stock footage that will supplement the story and round out the film.

So please consider a gift to help us with the next phase of making Anonymous Father’s Day. You can give through Kickstarter or through PayPal.