By Jennifer Lahl, CBC President

There seems to be no end to the filthy bottom of the reproductive tourist trafficking industry. This story just broke, covering the bust up of a baby breeding surrogacy ring. Fourteen Vietnamese women had their passports confiscated and were being held in two houses while they gestated babies which were being sold by the company, Baby 101. Some of the women apparently volunteered, as they were promised $5,000 per baby. It was evident upon investigation that some of the women had been raped. Apparently the women were able to send an email to the Vietnamese embassy, which tipped off Thai officials and led to the women’s release. I hope this matter is being aggressively investigated; this most certainly is no isolated incident.

Which is why Eggsploitation is such an important film and part of a larger project within the CBC on the meaning of sex and procreation, the eugenic and exploitative reproductive technologies, and the commercialization of baby making.

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