The support many of you have offered the CBC over the past ten years has been remarkable. I often reflect on the amazing opportunities your efforts have made possible: conferences, lectures, debates, films, political advocacy, working with groups all around the world—the CBC has continually stood firm for human dignity throughout a decade of biotechnological prowess and moral challenge.

We don’t back down from the most difficult bioethical dilemmas—we pool our resources, we think hard, we work together, and then we take a stand. I hope you realize what an important part of our work you are; I’m thankful for the network of caring and able people who have gathered around the CBC’s mission since our founding a decade ago.

Your generous and sacrificial gifts are needed to help the CBC continue to produce the work that we have come to be known for—and more than that: we’re ready to expand our efforts with projects like the Paul Ramsey Institute. As 2010 comes to a close, I invite you to reflect on your part in this great challenge to speak virtuously into a culture of bioethical confusion. Please partner with the CBC to this end and make a contribution toward the vision we all share.

Together, for a human future,

Jennifer Lahl
CBC President