As I write this letter to you, another young woman has just reached out to me with her tragic story about “donating” her eggs. I have another woman’s story in the queue for our weekly email newsletter. And another woman shared with me that 50% of the women in her breast cancer survivor support group either donated their eggs or took the harmful drugs in order to try (unsuccessfully) to have a baby on her own.

At the same time, the New York State Stem Cell Science Ethics Committee met and has decided it was ethical and reasonable to pay women to “donate” their eggs for research. This should never be and this unethical practice must be stopped!

Take a stand with us and support our efforts now to stop this insanity.

I ask you today, to send a financial gift now to allow us to be able to continue our efforts to protect young women’s health and to educate others on the dangers egg donation poses to women.

Everyday I meet new people who tell me, “I just didn’t know of the health risks involved.” Or, “I never knew that these advertisements offering such large sums of money were targeting young women on college campuses.” And sadly this comment is too frequent, “I know someone who sold their eggs!” It is clear from our data and tracking that more and more people are learning about this grievous practice. When ever we run a story on egg donation, or another woman’s unfortunate story, it is quickly opened and read and forwarded and picked up on countless sites around the world. Our efforts are working! However, we have much more work to do.

CBC is well positioned to address the unethical practice of egg donation and with your help we can:

  • Protect women in the state of New York
  • Reach millions of young women with the FACTS
  • Complete our 30 minute educational film on Egg Donation
  • Host numerous showings of our latest film “Lines that Divide: The Great Stem Cell Debate” across the country and over the summer!

These are most difficult times financially for all of us. We depend on each and every one of our readers to support us, even with small gifts ヨ they all add up. Summertime is an especially challenging time as people are away and thoughts are on vacations ヨ so make your donation now, before the height of summer is upon us!

CBC understands the connection between the infertility industry which is out of control and the cloning research ヨ and the competition for the human egg. CBC understands best, the exploitation of these young and unsuspecting women who are told this is a safe procedure which can offer them some much needed cash.

Who else is standing in this gap? Where else can these women turn when their health goes bad?

Take a stand with us and support the CBC today. Even better, become a monthly supporter, so that we know we can count on you!

Thank you for your continued support of our efforts.