The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network is pleased to announce that William Cheshire, Jr. M.D., M.A., associate Professor of Neurology at Mayo Clinic will be joining CBC’s national board.

It’s a very good time to join the CBC, by William Cheshire.

It is a special privilege to accept the invitation to serve on the Board of the Center for Bioethics and Culture. Here in Florida we are always three hours ahead of Jennifer Lahl in the national CBC office in Oakland, California. But at the pace bioethics is proceeding these days, peeking at the future a few hours sooner offers only a modest advantage, which is certainly exceeded by Jennifer’s opportunity to reflect for three hours longer at the end of the day. Whether on the East or the West Coast or anywhere between, now is a very good time to join the CBC. In just a few years, the CBC has stretched out its activity to form a national network of international relevance. Extended geography enhances prominence. It also improves perspective.

On the campus of the University of North Carolina, where I trained in neurology, is an enormous sundial measuring 35 feet in diameter. Just as the extended dimensions of this sizeable timepiece increase its precision, a geographically broadened CBC is better able to offer accurate analysis of a range of bioethical issues. Just as its 23 foot shiny bronze gnomon rises pointedly 14 feet into the air, a solidly constructed CBC will be positioned to comment on the brightest developments in the biomedical sciences as well as on some of the shadowy experiments done under the sun. Just as the sundial’s monumental size makes it a visible element of the university architecture, a CBC that invites broad participation will more effectively contribute to the shape of our culture. And just as the sundial only works when directed light shines from above, a people concerned with preserving human dignity into the future will recognize and seek after that heavenly source of true wisdom that illumines our lives with blessing and trustworthy guidance.

Will you join with me, if you haven’t already, and become a part of the CBC network?